Saturday, December 1, 2007

Return of the Peignoir

A Boston lingerie boutique and website, unveil and, responds to the growing demand for traditional bridal lingerie.

Return of the Peignoir;’s response to the growing demand for truly beautiful and elegant bridal lingerie.

As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a peignoir is a woman's loose-fitting dressing gown, robe, or negligee. The French translation is a garment worn while combing hair. The term conjures up the image of a beautiful women reflecting at her subtly covered silhouette while sitting at her dressing table. This woman understands the power of simple and understated femininity. She understands less is not necessarily better when it comes to highlighting the female form. Today’s bride has inspired a return to the classic elegance of a peignoir. Today, the term peignoir is used to represent a nightgown or chemise, a shorter version of a nightgown, and matching robe which is usually, but not always, sheer. Typically, peignoir sets are given to a bride-to-be during a lingerie/bridal shower by close friends or the mother of the bride as an important addition to her trousseau; the lingerie, linens and other personal items a woman takes into marriage. A problem emerged in recent years, however, when this very sweet gesture gave way to a sex-crazed society reinventing the item into something meant solely as pure sex-wear. Perform an on-line search for “bridal lingerie” or “honeymoon sleepwear” and you will immediately find sites offering an abundance of peak-a-boo baby dolls and crotchless panties. “Silly joke gifts and raunchy gimmicks should be left for a bachelorette party,” declares Christina Lawless, founder of and the award winning boutique on the ritzy Newbury Street in Boston. “These items simply do not have a place in what is undeniably a woman’s most beautiful day and night.” Working with leaders in the up-scale bridal lingerie business, responded to the need for a sophisticated alternative for the discriminating bride. From fabulous wedding day foundations to luxurious honeymoonwear, Unveil has it all. Collections include bridal bustiers, bridal corsets, weddinb garters, stockings, flirty chemises and elegant peignoir sets; of course. The superbly designed body-skimming gowns flatter all figures. When paired with a luxurious matching robe the ensemble is worthy of such a special occasion. Designers include the world-renowned Claire Petitibone, Christine Vancouver, Jonquil, Le Mystere, Vera Wang, Classy Bride and others working in the finest silks and European laces. Demand for timeless and elegant honeymoonwear has been brisk at indicating today’s brides are looking for a return to the classics. “Some of our limited edition collections have sold out within hours of being posted to the website,” states Lawless. Look for an even larger selection of peignoirs when the company receives their Spring 2008 collection in early February. Contact: Christina Lawless, President Unveiledbride, Unveil Fine Bridal lingerie and wedding lingerie, The Boutique264 Newbury StreetBoston, MA 02116, 617-437-0700,866-578-8346(Toll Free)

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